Inspection Program Management

The ReadyFlight Inspection Program Management (IPM) is a blend of specialized software and the services of industry experts in Air Carrier Inspection Program Management. Add to this a cloud based solution and you have the perfect solution for a small to medium size carrier to get complete control of their inspection program and ensure total regulatory compliance for every tail in the fleet.

The following is a look at some of the major capabilities of the ReadyFlight IPM:

  • Runs daily checks automatically to verify regulatory compliance and automatically sends out email alerts when any gaps or discrepancies are noted. These alerts will continue until such time as the problems are corrected.
  • Maintains and produces your Time Limits Manual (TLM) which is the basis for your Approved Inspection Program (AIP).
  • Produces Inspection Work Card Packages that are tail-specific and include dynamically generated Master Record Cards, Pre- and Post-Check Cards as well as Open/Close Cards. Parts and Tooling reports for each check include listings of those items that will be required and separate listing of those which may be required.
  • Allows you to preview the impact of a change in MRB or MPD to your program prior to the implementation of those changes.

Additionally, ReadyFlight personnel will maintain:

  • All of the OEM and Regulatory data required for the system including MRB and MPD data.
  • They are also available to maintain the carrier side data required (if desired) including the Approved Inspection Program as well as the work card deck be it either OEM’s, Custom or a combination of the two.

All of this capability is available in a cloud hosted environment which allows the implementation to be fast and uncomplicated providing a web based solution that is also mobility enabled.

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